Closet dividers and some art

There is just something about new baby clothes and the desire for everything to be organized. Luke's closet is still the most organized closet in the house. It's just so easy to keep their little things together.

I made Luke's closet dividers before he was born. It was a great idea, but this was before Pinterest/keeping up with blogs, and before I really thought through anything. We blew through these sizes super fast and then I never had the energy to make more.
I wised up and made some for a friend who had a baby. I used chalkboard paint with hers. That stuff is brilliant! But in keeping with my "free week" theme I wanted to make closet dividers for Emberly with materials I already had on hand. I found leftover wood planks in my project box in the attic (they came in a 6 pack and I only used 3 with Luke's dividers). I used some pink vinyl and chalkboard vinyl to pull off this project.
They do sell dividers that fit right on the rod...
Like this:
And this:
and the pre-made ones are super affordable. Of course you could always run to Etsy to find something super customized too. But shopping in my house made this project super easy!

I used the supplies I showed above along with my Silhouette to whip these up! The chalkboard vinyl makes this project so flexible!
Also live and learn- with Luke's we actually took down the whole rod and put the rod through the holes. This time I used ribbon to hang them. It was a zillion times easier this time around! And it will be super easy for this to grow with her since I can change the size as we go! Yay for making life simpler!!
{See how the hanging ribbons split up the closet?}

Since I was already making the closet dividers for the nursery I decided it was high time to start on her collage wall. I've mentioned before that I want this to be a work in progress... adding things as she grows. But I would love to get it started so there is SOMETHING on this wall!
Back when we re-painted the laundry room I bought a 2 pack of canvases. I covered the electrical box with one canvas and the other one went straight into my project box. I knew I'd eventually find a place for it, but I just wasn't sure when/where...

...until I came across this pin:
I'm not usually one to like pictures of flowers... but these are just so whimsical and the circles satisfy my need for geometric shapes! And since I had the canvas, paint, and all of the circles were done with my fingers, this project rings in at $0! 

Of course I added some vinyl to her wall that says "You make me happy when skies are gray". I just love the symbolism that the sky is gray in the painting and there are pops of happy pink all over! I'm so looking forward to adding more to this wall over time!

I also love that each of my children have hand painted art in their room by yours truly. Here is Luke's:
I am loving free week! Whipping out projects that cost nothing and get things marked off my to-do list is the best ever!

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