Free Week

I am in a rut with projects. I feel like I have a ton of projects I NEED to do, and so many I WANT to do... but so many of them require me to buy something...

...and I'm tired of spending money! I have so many materials right here at home, I wanted to stretch myself to see if I could come up with 5 projects totally free to me. So- drumroll please....

Welcome to Free Week! Where I use things I already have to make something lovely. I'll explain as I go how I could have run to the store (or jumped on Amazon) to make these projects easier- but I didn't. I stayed right here at home!

As a slight disclaimer- when I say "free" I mean that at some point I have already purchased these materials. NOTHING is truly free... but I'm going shopping in my house and using what I already have. No point in adding to the mess. I might as well use things up!


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