nailed it

Have you seen those hilarious pictures on Pinterest of projects that people have tried that didn't quite turn out like the picture?

Haha- they make me laugh. Cause we've all been there at one time or another!

I decided to make a "birth: nailed it" onesie for sweet baby girl once she is born. Since this is "free week" I wanted to use supplies I already had on hand. I grabbed a onesie from my blanks box (what I typically use for appliques/monogramming). Gerber onesies are the WORST for sizing. They are always a million times smaller than the size they say. So I figured this would be a onesie she would only wear very briefly in the very beginning.

I had some red Silhouette heat transfer material leftover from a Christmas project. Was red my first choice for this project? Nope. I would have preferred pink or yellow. But alas, keeping with the free theme I resisted jumping on Amazon and ordering a new color and I went with the red instead. 
I downloaded a free font called "KG Empire of Dirt". I actually found it by accident while I was looking for a monogram font. I whipped up the design in Silhouette Studio and followed the heat transfer material instructions on the back of the box. The most important part is to mirror the image so it cuts backwards. I removed all the negative space and this is what I had:
and flipped it over (because the clear plastic screen is sticky). 
This is the scary part... ironing it on. I placed a thin cloth napkin over the design and set my iron. The first couple times I guess my iron wasn't hot enough because the image didn't transfer. Eventually I figured it out... 
and when I pulled the backing away the transfer material stuck! Yay! Of course she needed a cute chevron hairbow to match. 
Free and relatively easy! Although heat transfer is not really cheap I did already have it on hand. If $$ allows I have a sweet blanket planned (using heat transfer material). That stuff is really fun to work with!

Also FYI, I mentioned in the hairbow post that I got my ribbon here. Hobby Lobby also sells chevron ribbon in certain colors (small and large chevron!). Just thought I'd pass that along since it seems like they always have a 50% off sale or 40% coupon!

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