Weekly Update: April 1-6

How can Spring Break be coming to an end?? We had SUCH a great week and it was full of fun/relaxing activities. And many days we didn't get going until 8:30am! It was glorious!!

I'll start at the beginning- it stunk. I woke up last Saturday morning with a hello from my unwelcomed morning sickness friend. Ugh. When your mindset is that morning sickness was over 10 weeks ago, it really stinks to wake up puking at 33 weeks. Oh well- nothing is ever what it seems. I had my appointment this week and she is still measuring a week behind. I guess we'll have a petite little girl!

We headed to Marietta last Sunday afternoon to spend some Easter time with my parents. Josh took Monday off, so we spent the night Sunday-Monday and I was able to do some shopping, Luke played with his Lulu and Pops and we had a little egg hunt for him. It was fun!

I honestly have no idea what we did Monday afternoon-Wednesday! We chilled at home, played outside, played choo chooos, and just spent time together! Thursday we had a full day planned at the Biltmore Estate, but after watching the weather reports of 90% rain and 45 degrees we nixed that idea and headed to The Children's Museum in Greenville, SC. I think we turned a miserably cold day into a really great time! The recycling truck and the splash pond were his favorites!

{somehow my child managed to be the only one SOAKED head to toe!}
{see his wet pants?}
Friday I had my appointment, did some grocery shopping, and we did some yard work. Saturday brought some pretty terrible Round Ligament Pain but we were still able to make a trip to Buford to meet my mom for lunch, get Josh's truck serviced, and do some shopping at Goodwill! I also started packing my hospital bag (well if you count making a pile of everything on the changing table). It hit me that this is my last full month without another munchkin. I am feeling really emotional and weird about that- although everyone tells me that is totally normal. And I know we'll settle into a routine soon enough.

Little man started making his bed this week! I want to start incorporating chores into his daily routine. He's pretty OCD about picking up his toys and he already throws dirty clothes in the basket or the washer- so I felt like he was ready for bed making! He did GREAT his first time!!

{he even made sure all the edges were tucked in}
I'm trying not to think about Monday and all the stress that comes with being 12 days away from the CRCT :/  5 weeks to go!

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