Nursery Wall Art

Our nursery is slowly evolving and I am falling more in love with it every day!

One area that needed some art was above the rocking chair. I inherited the black frames (which work PERFECTLY in this space). The size of the frames are perfect and so is the color!
They didn't have hangers on the back so I improvised with some coke can pop tabs and the glue gun. The pop tabs are plenty strong to hold the frames because the "glass" isn't really glass. It's some sort of plexi-glass so it's relatively light. 
The only real problem I ran into was that these frames didn't have mats, just brown cardboard. And mats (especially custom made just isn't in the budget).
I thought and contemplated all kinds of ideas-
            1. getting rid of the cardboard all together and substituting with something else (white foam        board maybe?)
            2. covering the cardboard with fabric
            3. painting the cardboard
Number 3 won. I didn't want to use the curtain fabric again (I have another idea for the leftovers) and I already had spray paint from the ruffle lamp- so that's what I used.

I used 3 thin coats to totally cover the brown and give it that pop of pink that I was wanting on the gray wall. Because the paint was leftover from another project I consider this part free!

Next up was figuring out what to put in there. In one frame I put a verse that continues to come to mind this pregnancy. Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart."I just love that reminder! I depended on my trusty Silhouette to cut the vinyl.
I had a couple other ideas for the other frame and I think I've officially settled on putting a newborn picture up there. So it will have to wait until she is born (and I have time to photograph) to be finished. BUT it will still be free because I will most likely print the picture on our printer.

This project was totally free because I shopped from items I already had in my house!

This has been such a fun week coming up with projects that I can pull off for nothing! Maybe I'll do this again sometime... I'll be back to my regular schedule of 3 posts a week next week. 5 days of blogging sure was fun though!

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