Weekly Update: April 15-21

This has just been such a bizarre week! With all the events happening in the news (Boston, Texas, etc) and stressing prepping for CRCT I am just happy to say that it's gone. I'm really trying not to wish these weeks away but the closer we are getting to D-Date the more anxious (ants in my pants) I am getting! I am also feeling the pressure to get my house clean (nesting and spring cleaning perhaps?), my classroom cleared of all my personal belongings, and everything else purchased for this baby. Josh sensed my stress and this is what I came home to Friday afternoon after a long week:
My favorite roses, sweedish fish and rolos (my favorite candy in the whole world), and a hand drawn picture from little man. This mama's heart was able to breathe a little easier after this sweet reminder of how much my family loves me!

I hit the 35 week mark this week. Here's a side shot that I thought was a fun shadow picture :) 
and a shot looking down (this is how I see my toes). My husband was gracious enough to paint my toe nails for sandal weather! It saved me $20 for a pedicure and he did phenomenal! He admitted how hard it actually was and that the polish dried too quickly. Rookie. 
Here's my little man cheesin' it up. Oh I love that grin and that messy mouth. 
Saturday was my baby shower at church. Oh my we are incredibly blessed by some amazing people! We received lots of clothes and other necessities. Here's a few detail shots; I plan to do a whole post about it later this week:

I also managed to take only my THIRD pregnancy picture to document this whole process. I took one almost every week with Luke. Oh how the second one is different!

I was curious to see how I compared to Luke's pregnancy. Here's a side by side at 35 weeks:
I have 15 days left at school and 25 days left until we hold our sweet baby girl!

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