I never thought two lines would look so beautiful!

yep- that's a positive pregnancy test! Luke is going to be a big brother!!! eeep!

We are beyond thrilled. Luke was a complete (and welcomed) shock. This time, although things were  not "planned" it definitely wasn't a complete surprise.

It's just amazing how the Lord works. When Josh and I talked about expanding our family over a year ago, we pinpointed August of 2012 to be a perfect month to conceive. School wise I won't miss much (the last week to be exact). I will get an amazingly long summer with my baby. And Luke will be 3.5 - old enough to remember it all.

We wanted to avoid December at.all.costs. December is a crazy month for us (anniversary is the 15th, Luke's b-day is the 16th). Not to mention all the "stuff" that goes on in December. I have jokingly in the past said that May is the second worst busiest month with wrapping up school and the end of the year activities (at church, school, and Luke's school).

I'm convinced we'll make it work.

I found out on September 11th. My parents 36th wedding anniversary. I was only a day late which usually isn't a big deal. But I decided to test anyways. I buy pregnancy tests in bulk from amazon (25 at a time for something like $8). Considering ONE digital is more than that, it is for sure the way to go. I was SHOCKED when I saw the 2 lines. I had some random tightening in my stomach earlier that week, and I almost wet my pants the day I tested, but besides that I didn't really have any "signs".

As the realization started to hit me, I thought OH MY GOODNESS our life is about to change again. The first time around I wasn't able to "tell" Josh. He was the one that convinced me to go buy a test. And he could tell the moment I walked out of the bathroom what the news would be. (I still need to do a post about all those details. It really is a crazy story.)

This time I wanted to be able to TELL him. I wanted to surprise him. But I didn't want to wait too long. There's no way I could keep news that big. I can hardly wait until I get home from a couponing trip to spill the beans of how much I saved. News this big can only be kept for so long. I scoured the internet that night with cute ways to tell. I couldn't sleep.at.all. I tossed and turned excited, panicking, and just questioning everything! (was the test right?? the line was faint so maybe it wasn't. When is my due date? How will this affect school? Vacation? Our trip to Nicaguara?)

I toyed with different ways to spill the beans. I thought sending him a card or fruit bouquet to work with a note that said "I'm going to need a bigger car". (he takes our budget very seriously- so I decided against that). I contemplated leaving the test with a note saying "hi dad- can't wait to meet you."(he thinks those tests are disgusting with the fact that I peed on it). I thought about the "big brother" shirt. Nothing seemed to be personal or heartfelt enough. So I went with a letter. In the letter I wrote something like "I hope your ready for....." and I listed all the goods and bads from my pregnancy with Luke. Puking for 22 weeks, craving Subway, weight gain, etc. Then I went on to tell him how excited I was for everything. I tested Tuesday evening and left this note for him in his truck on Wednesday morning. He was working tirelessly on a lesson Tuesday night and Wednesday morning so that's half the reason I didn't just come out and tell him. I really wanted him to work undistracted on his lesson for that Wednesday night.

My dad was the first person in my family to know. I promised him last time that he would be the first to know this time. My mom kept Luke's pregnancy a secret for almost a month. I wanted to tell my dad in person that time, and that was what worked. This time though I called him and the only this I said was "I promised you that you would be the first to know..." and he immediately knew what I was talking about. He was thrilled and it was just really exciting.

I called my mom 2 days later and asked her if she was ready to be "Lulu times 2". We told Josh's family over skype. Luke told them he wanted a "baby sister". We did not tell him to say that, but when we ask if he wants a brother or sister he always says "sister". We also told some very close family friends so they could be in prayer for us. We did end up telling more than a "few" people before the doctor visit, but I figure the more the merrier!

The only thing I am super depressed about is that I am having to cancel my trip to Nicaguara. I am super bummed about this but I know it's the wisest decision to make. I would not be able to take any of the vaccines I need (Hep A and Tetanus) and if I got Malaria or any other illness overseas I wouldn't be able to take any medicine for it. Also when I read on CDC's website that some illnesses can cause "grave fetal damage" that was enough for me to x-nay the trip. There will be more chances to go- and I already have my passport, so we'll cross that bridge later!

I am due May 20th, 2013- that's the Monday before the last day of school. Perfect timing huh? We will probably choose his or her birthday day to be May 17th (since they don't want to risk me going into labor) and they only operate on M-W-F.

I am planning on a repeat planned C-section. Although I am torn on this decision, I know it's the best for me. There are alot of reasons for making this decision, but the main reason is plain and simply the doctor who performed my last C told me I was not a good candidate for a VBAC. Luke was MUCH bigger than anyone thought, and big babies=not a great idea to try again. I trust his call, and the fact that he doesn't feel like the hospitals here are well equipped if a major emergency were to happen during a VBAC. I would never forgive myself if something happened after I was "warned" not to go through with it.

Some things so far that have been eventful:
Weeks 4-5 were relatively uneventful. I swear I felt like my stomach was tightening, but it must be everything moving around. I had a great appetite these weeks and morning sickness was the last thing from my mind. Exhaustion has taken over. I could sleep all.the.time.

Week 6 was a rough week. I had some cramping Sunday afternoon and some spotting Wednesday and Thursday. Of course my heart sank and I thought the worst, but things have been better since. I guess my body is just getting used to it's new inhabitant and all the growing that's about to happen.

Also the Saturday after all this, I had HORRIBLE back pain. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I injured my back as a teenager and sometimes it'll flare up, but this was a mega huge flare up- like I didn't want to leave the couch.

This week was also the beginning of dreaded morning sickness. I was STARVING in week 4-5, but this week it's just been ick. I could take food or leave it. I broke down and took phenergan early in the week and every morning since about Wednesday I've had to take zofran. I am very thankful for medicine this early. With Luke I didn't even ask for it until I had thrown up for 3 weeks. I kinda just suffered and I shouldn't have. So I'm trying to get ahead of it now. (although all this didn't start with Luke until I was 9 weeks along!).

I was still exhausted this week too! I can't do anything but cook dinner by the time I get home. I really hope some motivation to get things done picks up soon!

I went to the doctor yesterday and we saw (and heard) that beautiful heartbeat on ultrasound! It was 125 which considering I'm barely 7 weeks was GREAT. I measured perfectly to my calculations and the whole visit just couldn't have gone better!! The sound of a beating heart NEVER gets old!

Here are the ultrasound pictures- really you can't see much

Here was Luke at 9 weeks- such a little gummy bear:

We are cautiously optimistic! I am well aware that I have a while until the end of the my first trimester. Please hold us and the baby up in prayer. We believe EVERYTHING is out of our hands, and we trust whatever the Lord's will is! I will never be more relieved than to hit the 13 week mark!!

So to end this post I am going to do the "cliche" pregnancy questions. This is mainly so I'll have something to look back on and remember this pregnancy.

How far along: 7 weeks
Total weight gain: I'll say 3lbs (not really sure since this was my first visit)
Maternity clothes: no
Stretch marks: besides the 2 from Luke, none so far
Sleep: great, I usually wake up in a hot flash lol.
Best moment of this week: hearing that sweet heartbeat
Miss anything: tuna for lunch, deli meat, mushrooms
Movement: nada
Food cravings: wholly guacamole salsa, carbs (french fries, baked potato)
Anything making you queasy or sick: mushrooms, red sauce (spaghetti, pizza)
Gender: don't care (although I'm really thinking boy!)
Labor signs: hopefully not for a while!
Wedding rings on or off: on
Looking forward to: feeling this baby move! and being out of the first trimester.

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