Closet Chaos

Sorry for the unannounced blog-cation last week! I lost total momentum and complete motivation and decided to just sit on the couch after work and at night! I did manage to read a book (which makes me feel somewhat accomplished), but I *think* maybe I'm starting to get my energy back. I was really thinking last week there was something wrong because I was just so tired!! But I was busy getting a cold and growing a human, so I guess that's my excuse.

The closets are done! We made the decision a few weeks ago to combine our closets. Pretty much the office is getting turned into a nursery, and the master only has 1 large closet. Fortunately, as we started moving everything we figured out just how much larger the master closet is. Things fit much easier than we ever would have imagined. This is our first time sharing closets in five year of being married. It'll be interesting how this works out!

Here was his old closet (in the now waiting to be turned into nursery room):
And here was my old closet. Looking closely there was alot of wasted space because it's amazing what we were able to fit in there:
Here was the progression of the move. Josh had to lift the shelf and add 2 small bars instead of 1 long one. 

Here he is doing something manly... hanging his tie rack maybe?

Here is the now shared closet:
I'm hoping to cover those cardboard boxes with burlap. We share the shelf about 50%, 50%. (well maybe more like 60%, 40%)

My shoes that used to have their nice little place now live under the bed (poking out a little). 

My flipflops slowly gathered themselves together in a laundry basket. Then they made their way to a cardboard box that I hope to someday cover with burlap.
This is a totally new concept to me- out of season clothes being stored. I grabbed all my summer clothes and put them into a large rubbermaid which will live in the attic until the spring. Since I had the whole closet before, I never had to switch out my clothes for the seasons. You win some you lose some.
Plus with the addition of maternity clothes from friends that I am forever grateful for, I feel like my closet is bursting at the seams. I will be thrilled when I have a million things to choose from on those frumpy 8 months pregnant days!

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