Mailbox facelift

First off I have totally been a slacker blogger lately. I think it's just the first trimester blahs. I am not motivated to do anything lately. I have been working over at 365 to get that updated by week (days just aren't happening). I started slacking in July and it just went downhill from there. 

On with my topic... our mailbox. 

It was looking a little dreary and dingy. We replaced our mailbox a couple months after we moved in so it's not older than 3.5 years. 
The whole box almost felt ashy and it was just really faded. 
like really faded. 
I decided a coat of paint from the shutters would do them a whole lotta good. I carefully haphazardly taped off and protected everything I didn't want black paint to touch. 

1/4 of a can of pray paint made ALL the difference in the world. The sun was casting weirdo shadows on this picture. It looks splotchy, but I have walked around it a hundred times in different lights and it all has to do with where the sun is and whether it's overcast. (it was overcast and almost rainy when the after pics were taken). 
I did wipe the whole thing down with my vinegar water solution before spraying. 

It makes all the difference in the world!!

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