Weekly Update: 10/1-10/5

Yay! It's October! I'm so ready for the cooler weather.

We obviously had some pretty big news to share Wednesday of this week! We are still so completely excited.

Thursday I woke up to wonderful morning sickness. The whole puking before work really isn't my style- but I guess I'll have to get used to it! With Luke I was sick the whole summer, so it was no big deal.

Although I had taken my medicine, it still didn't help. I guess there are certain mornings that I am going to be sick regardless and I have accepted that. I'm thankful that I have symptoms for some reassurance! I know if I'm puking, then baby is sung as a bug.

That was pretty much this week! Luke got all smiley faces this week for his behavior! Way to go little man!

We are going to try to head to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Also I have a 4 day weekend with Fall Break! I couldn't be more thrilled (and it couldn't come at a better time)!!

I have done some things around here and I plan to be back with my regular blogging next week! Fingers crossed that in 2 days I can get alot done!

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