Weekly Update: 10/15-10/21

Whew, what a week (and weekend it's been!)!!

We went to a conference in Marietta this weekend. It was really surreal to be in Marietta and stay in a hotel (with the rest of the team that went). It was such a fun time of learning and laughing and we really learned alot about the church and vision of the youth ministry.

My doppler arrived Thursday and I tore the package open to try to hear the heartbeat (no luck). I tried again Friday before we left for Marietta and Josh and I both heard the heartbeat at the exact same time but it only lasted about 2 seconds. Total bummer!

I decided to try again Sunday and after about ten minutes of searching I found it! The doppler picked up the sound, but not the bpm so I started the timer on my phone and timed it myself... 176 bpm! The heartbeat was alot higher than I expected (it was right below and to the right of my belly button). I thought at this point it was much lower. It is SUCH a relief just knowing that whenever I'm worried I can whip out the doppler and listen for myself! Plus I can really focus on questions and such at my doctor appointments instead of panicking myself about whether or not there's going to be a heartbeat! Also I can't believe how fast the heartbeat got! It was 125 at 7 weeks 3 days! In 3 weeks it sped up that fast! Just amazing!

Nausea has been staying away for the most part. I am SO thankful that I feel good more days than I feel bad. I am still sick about once a week which makes me nervous because I was like this with Luke... only sick once a week and around 13 weeks it picked up to 3-4 times a week. Really hoping that's not the case! I would LOVE to actually enjoy being pregnant this time.

Luke took his first field trip to Jaemore Farm on Monday of this past week. He LOVED it. His class went last year, but being barely 18 months old, we decided to opt out. The whole thing just made me nervous. This year though was the perfect timing! Josh went with him and I think he loved it more than Luke. His comment after the whole day? "I could never be a stay at home dad... I would spoil that boy waaaaay too much!" Also he got to "go home" early with dad and they had a daddy/son date to chick-fil-a. So sweet! They tie-dyed shirts so all the kids were matching. Here are a few pictures:

We sold our elliptical this past week too! Wahoo for an extra $300!! I really loved that thing but rarely used it, and since Josh is into insanity now, it really wasn't necessary. It was more of a hassle to store and with the office overhaul, it really doesn't have a place anymore.

That was our week! I feel like these weeks are flying! Anyone else having a hard time believing that we have 4 weeks until Thanksgiving?? (Hello 1 week off!!).

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