Weekly Update: 10/8-10/12

I can almost say that week 8 is gone- now onto week 9!
Here's my *at this point* monthly photo! I will get to weeks once I start actually showing and not just showing my bloat. I'm really not much bigger than normal. I always had a little pooch after Luke.

I decided to take the pictures in the same place as last time. The wall has gained more pictures since then, but is a really easy place to remember to actually take them!
same place but 40 weeks 3 days pregnant with Luke!
In baby related news, I am contemplating getting a doppler so I can listen to baby's heart beat at home. We borrowed one from a friend last time around and enjoyed it- alot! I am finding that I am really going to miss it this time, so I am in the market! (especially since I am getting to the point of being able to hear it at home- probably somewhere around 11 weeks). I'm still undecided but I think it will ease some of my anxiety!

This week Luke had great reports from school, but he has had an annoying dry cough every.night.all.night. It is so frustrating because he is perfectly fine during the day! Yesterday afternoon I got in his room and deep cleaned, vacuumed, changed his sheets/blankets, dusted (even the ceiling fan), and raised the head of his bed with some books. He didn't cough nearly as much last night, but still some! It is so frustrating knowing he's NOT sick, so I feel weird about giving him medicine. Also since he shows no symptoms during the day it doesn't sound like allergies?? I guess we'll try allegra tonight and maybe zyrtec the next and see what helps. Benadryl did nothing. 

We only had a 3 day week at school and it always seems like shorter weeks are THE WORST! I have just been so stressed with getting papers graded, clearing off my desk, getting centers/units together that I have NO time to think!

We refinanced our house on Tuesday. What a relief and such a great feeling to have that accomplished! The $$ we are saving is unreal and our house payment decreased by $200 a month. Of course we will probably still pay close to the same amount just to pay it down faster and to pay as little interest as possible. This is Josh looking over the 145 page document!
Thursday we went to the middle school football game. Of course I saw tons of kids that I've taught from years gone by. I can't even believe that my first year's class are now freshman in highschool!!!
Something Luke has been doing recently is setting up his toys so they "watch" him sleep. Tonight it was his trains. It's these little things that I don't want to forget!
In his bath he always fills up his cup with water, turns and gives it to me, and says that he made me a cupcake! This picture is filled with so many amazing things- him pouring the water, his perfect hair, and those amazing ears!
and another just for fun!

Phew- I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with a whole lotta nothing!

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