Weekly Update: 10/22-10/26

I feel like there's not much to report this week! I've felt a whole lotta lazy and bed time has come earlier and earlier this week!

Luke had a great week at school. I see him becoming such a little man. He is speaking 2-3 sentences at a time (which is amazing that last year this time I was worried because he wasn't saying 5 words). What an amazing year it has been to watch his language develop! He has started repeating/stuttering on certain words (never the same word), but I am pretty sure his language abilities and brain are just working so fast that his mouth is having a hard time catching up. Plus I am a super fast talker, so I need to chill out on that! I am for sure going to mention it to his pedi at the appointment in December if I'm still noticing it.

My house is a disaster, I haven't blogged at ALL this week... I am just so tired and am not motivated at.all. All I want to do it come home and sleep/rest.

I heard baby's heartbeat on the doppler again today. What a blessing that is (plus talk about a little reassurance!!!)! 11 weeks Monday! I can wait to cross that 12-13 week mark to officially be in the 2nd trimester! I'm not wishing all this away, but I would like to actually FEEL pregnant, not just bloated/fat.

I have set up a "subscribe by email" gadget (that's what blogger calls them) on the right hand side of the page at the very top. I found the tutorial here and FeedBurner made it really easy!! You will get an e-mail to "verify your email" and then once you click the link it should start sending emails whenever I post. *fingers crossed*

Hopefully I will whip this house in order this weekend- and be back to regular blogging next week... who knows. Of course with a cold/sinus junk happening I may sit around all weekend too. I'm just going with it. :)

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