Weekly Update: 10/29-11/4

I feel so behind in blogging. I have so much to blog about and just not enough time to pull it all together!

This past week was great! I have been attending a Beth Moore Bible study at church and it is really great. It's on the book of Deuteronomy. I never thought there would be SO much to learn from that book! Also it's a goal on my 101 list, so in 4 more weeks I'll be able to mark that off!

Obviously it was Halloween which ='s my least favorite holiday of the whole year. Luke had a party at school that Josh and I were both able to attend, and of course my camera card wasn't in my camera so I didn't get any really great pictures. Boo.

I finally feel like my energy is back (I think I mentioned that last week). I finally don't have to go to bed at 8pm in order to feel rested. I have been fighting off this cold with a stinkin' persistent cough that is going on 11 days. Super annoying to go to be at 10 and not fall asleep until 1 because of coughing!

I had my 11 week checkup on Tuesday. It was really uneventful and she wasn't able to hear baby's heartbeat- but I am 200% sure I am finding it on our doppler so I'm not worried (and neither was she). She heard "movement" so that was good. I'm really hoping morning sickness is going to stick to a once a week ordeal! I was sick again Saturday, but that beats a school morning any day! I am due to take my monthly picture today so I'll have that posted in Friday's weekly update!

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