High Five for Friday!

Let me just say that just because blogging hasn't really happened this week, that's not an indication that things haven't been happening. I didn't even do a Life Update last week- I'll just have to save those photos for the end of the month.

We moved alot of things to storage on Monday. This would have been impossible without the help of our neighbor babysitter! I feel like our life is so strange and busy yet slow all at the same time. I've had to reschedule Emberly's 2 month appointment twice. I'm just ready to be settled somewhere!!

Josh's income runs out at the end of this month. I'm hopeful because of all the interviews we do have lined up/irons in the fire so to say. But at the same time I just need to trust that the Lord has everything planed out! Trust is so scary! Thank goodness we learned to live on one income this year!!

Here are my week highlights!
1. I am opening an Etsy store! Stay tuned for details. I'm going to start with travel baby wipes cases (personalizing them with vinyl) and I'll go from there. I am going to start really small simply because our life is pretty cray-zay right now.

2. Josh has an interview today. It's a big one. It's a Federal job, so we have our fingers crossed. But we're trusting that if it's not where we're to be that the Lord will show us where we should be.

3. We put our home up for rent this week. As soon as it's rented we will be living in Atlanta. We did meet with a real estate agent to discuss selling,  but at this time we are set on renting. The numbers just make more sense. After refinancing last year (it was the right decision!) it set us back a little bit with closing costs. In the long run it'll be worth it. Now? Not so much. Thankfully we've decided to rent wherever we end up to continue to allow me to stay home, so here's hoping all our ducks are in a row.

4. I am so sick of packing/unpacking/ life getting back to normal and then packing again! I hadn't unpacked my suitcase from our Arkansas/Mississippi trip and I had to pack again (we'll be spending the weekend in Marietta for 2 interviews and a job fair).  It's also sad to be packing our house up. And it's weird. Part of me thought we'd be here forever.

5. I painted my toe nails silver! Metallic is my new favorite thing!

I'm not sure how regular blogging will be these next few weeks. I sure do miss it, so I will be back once this dust settles!

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