Dirt Cheap

As you may remember this place is a HOT mess. 
But the potential is so there. I'm not really sure why this place makes me so happy? It's cramped, there's stuff EVERYWHERE, kids are screaming, and there was even a mullet sighting. I think the thrill of the hunt comes when you get to the register and the stuff rings up SO cheap!!

I'll share first what I didn't get- but it for SURE crossed my mind:

My first ohmygoshican'tbelieveit moment came when I stumbled across these cloth diapers! They were Charlie Banana brand (which Target sells). I was more interested in the red one and promptly put it in my cart. The only downfall was that it was short 1 insert. But if the price was right the insert didn't really matter. The price was marked $20.99 but it was in the 70% off aisle. I had my fingers crossed when the cashier price checked it... unfortunately it rang up $14 (which is between 30-40% off) and not enough of a discount for me. I can buy new or "seconds" cloth diapers for $14 and since it was missing a piece it wasn't worth it. But still it was a really cool find!
I found this comforter and I was ready on the spot to redecorate our master bedroom. It was GORG and it felt great too. I couldn't find on it what size it was (we need a king) and we don't really NEED it. So I snapped a picture and cried as I walked away... If it was a king it would have been $25! I was also amazed at the amount of sheets/towels they had! I just love new sheets and they had some pretty gorgeous ones!
Look familiar?
I got the metal sign in the Wal-mart dollar aisle and added the vinyl myself. The price here was $2 and it was 50% off.

I am always amazed at the toy selection there. I spotted this fisher price pirate ship. The price tag was CRAZY ($70ish) and even at 50% off I wasn't willing to spend $35 on it. But it was cool!

There was this Melissa and Doug cupcake set...
and a great selection of wooden kitchens:
I didn't see as many kitchen items (towels, pot holders, etc) this time around and I was a little disappointed by that. But who knows, maybe they were buried in the pile of hot mess!

So what did I buy? 

Here's what I walked away with for Emberly. The shirt (bottom left) was marked $7 and it rang up $1.40!!!!! It's my favorite J Khaki brand. Slight confession: I went back AGAIN later that evening to check out more clothes. I didn't have alot of time to peruse the clothes and after I saw how deeply discounted this rang up I had to go back! The PJ pants (top left) was 80 cents, the dress on the bottom right was Old Navy (maybe $2), and Violet rang up at a whopping $6 (marked down from $30). And she works (icing on the cake!). We've decided that for Christmas we are doing the wear, want, need, read challenge so Violet will be her "want" gift!
I snagged these 4 shirts for Luke. The one at the top is a pool/swimsuit shirt (which I am a HUGE fan of). The 2 orange ones are blanks J Khaki brand (perfect for a Fall applique) and the bottom anchor shirt was just adorable! The shirts are size 5 and 6 but I LOVE buying seasons ahead (and for prices that beat consignment stores) I couldn't walk away!
I grabbed these winter clothes for Luke. I know he will LOVE the Thomas shirt and the pants are from Children's Place. They rang up less than $3!
Then there were other little things... 
Josh's swim trunks were $7 (from Old Navy), and the Aussie hair spray is my favorite! I'm interested to try to dry shampoo- I'm a huge fan of dry shampoo!! 

I think this is going to have to be a place I frequent when we visit family! I love this place!

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