High Five for Friday!

It's Friday again (even though all our days are totally running together)! It's weird having Josh home all the time but I know I'll miss this time- and Fridays will be exciting again sometime (hopefully) soon!

1. It was time to go pants shopping. I'm at the awkward stage where I've lost most of my baby weight, but I haven't lost enough to fit in to my other capris/shorts. We're in Arkansas and figured we'd take a day (while Nana babysat) and find some capris/shorts for me. The 1 pair of capris that fit me had worn a hole through. We spent 2 hours at a local mall trying on pants and let me just say I AM DONE with malls! The style that's "in" is skinny crops and I.hate.them. I hate feeling restricted on my calves... so I reluctantly bought 1 pair and just kinda said ehhh to them. I wasn't opposed to shorts, but I hate the cut-off raggy look and that's all they had. We jumped over to Target and I immediately found a pair of shorts, a skirt, and 3 shirts for $9 more than I spent on the original pair of capris. They will be returned STAT. I do believe that's the last time I'm going to a mall anytime soon.

2. Along with finding some great clothes at Target, I tried on some sandals and debated buying them... I decided against it and then as soon as we got home I regretted it... ever do that?? They were on sale and I was SURE I would never see them again- until I found them on the website (for $1 more) but they are BOGO 50%off! So I actually saved more online! 2 pairs for $20 plus free shipping, plus 5% off- yes please!

3. We're heading home tomorrow (10 hour drive) and although I'm excited about getting back to a routine, it has been super relaxing to not have to cook, or do dishes, or vacuum. We're heading home to pack some of our house and move boxes to storage. We'll be meeting with our agent this coming week!

4. Josh has some interviews set up for next week so we are both nervous/excited about them!

5. I can't contain the excitement I feel when I walk past school supplies knowing I don't have to go back this year! I love school supplies, and I loved teaching, but this time of year was especially stressful!

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