Christmas in July: Jingle the Elf

Jingle the Elf made his debut last year at our home. We are really trying to keep the meaning of Christmas intact, so we used A Small Snippet's ideas for incorporating Santa and Jesus. If you haven't read her post and you're struggling with the whole Santa/Jesus thing, you should. 

I searched Pinterest and found some ideas of how to make this fun. I was scrambling around last year trying to figure out what Jingle would get into each evening. I'm hoping that by planning this ahead of time (and making a note of it in my planner) that we won't run our of ideas for Jingle! 

Jingle shows up at our home on the morning of December 1st. He goes back with Santa to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. He is sneaky and gets into mischief the other 23 days. We teach Luke that he needs to explain to Jingle what he did wrong and how to fix his behavior when he is sneaky. So here goes- 23 ideas to keep Mr. Elf entertained!

1. Trying on Shoes:
2. Playing Video Games:
3. One of my favorites- playing with the copier. I plan to actually lay him flat and make a copy of him :)
4. Getting into Daddy's shaving stuff:
5. Being naughty with the toothpaste:
6. Swap the stockings out for underwear:
7. Ziplining through the living room:
8. Snowball fight!
9. Sneaky, sneaky- drawing on pictures:
10: Playing on the laptop:
11. Taking a bubble bath:
12: Fishing:
13: Oh no! Jingle has a cold!
14: Just hanging around:
15. Turning the milk a different color:

16. Movie night!
17. Snow angels. We'll be using rice for this... everything else is just too messy!

18. Jingle sneaks into the room and paints their noses red:
19. Celebrating the real meaning of Christmas:
20. Playing the piano:
21. Messing around with toilet paper! I'm thinking Jingle will TP our tree:
22. Setting up for decorating Christmas trees:
23. Making snowflakes from Q-tips:
...and that's a wrap for Christmas in July! It was fun and now I'm excited for the real Christmas in just a few short months!!

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