Christmas in July: a planner

I've mentioned before that December is a pretty crazy month for us. We celebrate our anniversary, Luke's birthday, and Christmas all within 10 days. Not to mention all our family lives 2-10 hours away. So we are constantly balancing who to visit, who's visiting us, traveling, etc.

Let's be honest- does anyone really think about Christmas gifts before, oh let's say Black Friday? And by that time it's too late to find good deals on the things you want to get. Having a planner with everything all planned out months ahead of time would give me a place to put all the crazy ideas running around in my brain.

Again, I found this idea on Pinterest. Here was the inspiration photo and the source:
I gathered my supplies. I found the composition notebook at the dollar store:
I covered the front cover in scrapbook paper and broke my planner into 4 sections: calendar, to-do, misc (elf ideas, recipes, etc), the list. 
To the "calendar" tab I whipped up a calendar in Powerpoint. The inspiration source had printables for the past 3 years, but they didn't have 2013 yet. 
I glued them into the calendar section of the notebook:
Also in the front and back of the notebook I placed an envelope. I haven't decided what I'll use them for. Coupons? Receipts? 
I still plan to label the front "Christmas Planner" and put the year in the red circle. I want to play with my Silhouette and I just didn't have time before going out of town (we're in Marietta right now). So I'll finish that later. 

I love the ribbon and how it closes!
I can't wait to start brainstorming!

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