Life Update: May part 1

I think I'm going to start dragging "weekly" updates to updates once every 2 weeks. Of course that means they won't be weekly updates- maybe life updates? I find that sometimes I struggle with new stuff to write about (although our weeks are always FILLED). Maybe spacing it out to 2 weeks will help. 

My heart melts when I come home and see this set up. I love my little man and how much he loves trains (he usually gets quality train playing time after I head off to work/before daddy takes him to school)!
One day last week I came home to a bunch of trucks in our driveway. I thought they were trimming the tree away from the power lines, but they were actually taking it down :( It was bittersweet to watch, but I know it's for the better. I won't regret it in an ice storm when we would have lost power because of a downed line! Plus because it was the power company it was F to the REE!
Last week I also went on my coupon trip- I scored 3 bottles of formula plus the infant bottles for just over $4. Manufacturers coupons, combined with Target store coupons, combined with formula checks made me feel like I was stealing this stuff! Again I can exchange it if she is intolerant of this brand/mix. 
Josh did it again! He fixed my jeep while saving us a TON of money. A week or so ago he fixed my rear passenger lights. I had been driving without a passenger brake light and reverse light for years (we'd change the bulb, it would work for a week, then go out again). We got a quote from a dealership to have the whole light thing replaced and it was going to be near $400. (I also needed my front passenger blinker casing fixed). Long story short I was in an accident (not my fault) where another driver ran a red light and I swerved to avoid hitting him and ended up in a ditch. The accident caused no apparent harm to my jeep, but we assume the seals on the light casings were broken and moisture was getting in (which is why the bulbs would always burn out). We found all the parts on Amazon and e-bay and he fixed it for a fraction of the cost. Seriously why did we wait so long??

My rear driver side window was also broken. It wouldn't roll down (or stay up). The motor was dead. We had to use a piece of cardboard to keep it in place. Because he was so proud of his amazing work, Josh looked up the part on Amazon and fixed it himself. I mean everyone keeps the panels of their car doors in baby's nursery right? It was an $80 part that someone quoted us $250 to install. We actually paid $250 a year ago to have the rear passenger window fixed (same issue). Live and learn (and get amazon prime!). 
He is such a cheese ball :) 
Last week I had to call the hospital in the middle of the night. Strong consistent contractions woke me up at 1:30am. I was so crampy and uncomfortable it was really scary considering they don't want me going into labor (should I call, go in, wake up Josh?).  The contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting 1-1.5 minutes. I talked to a nurse at the hospital who told me to lay down and drink a liter of water wait an hour and come in if they aren't better. I had been drinking water all day, so I didn't think I was dehydrated, but I did anyways. I got through half a liter, they subsided, and I fell asleep. I was thankful for rest, but I only managed about 4 hours that night. Not a good start to a Monday morning!

Today was my last day of work. It's so bittersweet! I thought I'd be thrilled about leaving (never to look back) but all these changes lately are making me cling to the familiar. Since school is "comfortable" it's hard to let go. But I know it's the next step in order to achieve our ultimate goal (me staying home). Plus this is the BEST time of the year at school. The test pressure is off, we are still learning, but at a different pace. It's just fun and everyday is different. I am trying to think back to my difficult and hard days and it puts it all into perspective. Plus I get to cuddle my little girl next week and everything about work will pale in comparison! 

I'll keep the blog updated with the events of next week! I'm hoping to have a birth story/picture post up by Friday of next week (she'll be here Wednesday morning). 

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