More vinyl-ing

Every once in a while I get on a vinyl kick. I keep a list of projects I'd like to do with my Silhouette and I try to tackle them all at once. Now that I don't have a set aside craft space, I don't like to randomly pull out my supplies. It's easier to pull them out once every couple months and get down and dirty- make a huge mess and then be done for a while! So that's what I did!
and what a mess I made!
I loved this idea from pinterest... a place to put everything travel sized. When you go on a trip you can raid this jar- OR when family/friends come to visit, put it out on a stool with some towels and the vinyl speaks for itself! We keep it over the door on a shelf with our bath towels. The shelf was also pinterest inspired. Using the space over the door makes SO much sense!
We also had a dilemma with bed sheets. Again, we don't have a set aside linen closet. This is the same reason our bath towels need to reside in the bathroom. Our bed sheets were getting mixed together and it was such a pain to pull out a new set. In fact, I'm guilty of stripping the bed, washing the sheets, and putting the same sheets back on the bed. It saved the trouble of folding/putting away and I didn't have to fight massive piles in a dark storage closet (that holds our tools, vacuum, sewing supplies, luggage- you get the picture).

These bins fit hold our sheets perfectly. See we have a king bed, the futon takes a twin sized sheet, and the air mattress takes a queen. So we have to be prepared for anything!
I finally got around to labeling the attic box. This is the storage system that holds our notecards that tell us what is in the attic. More on our system here
My favorite part of this post, and the main reason I got around to vinyl-ing this time was my new planner! I look forward to the summer all year because it means I get a new planner. My old one usually ends in June and a new one needs to start in July. Yes, I am old school. I use paper/pencil to keep track of my life. But it works. Josh and I use our phones with our calendars synched, but in order to sync our phones, it needs to be written in here first. 
I found this beauty at Target, but my joy was quickly overturned when I pulled the "advertisement" sticker off... look at that nasty residue. I am usually the queen of getting goo off things. Between nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, baby oil, and WD-40 you can usually cut through anything. I've gotten white out off a red shirt and red sharpie out of khaki pants. This residue wouldn't budge. {this picture was taken after I tried all my go-to remedies}.
So I turned to vinyl. I figured I could cut out a strip a little wider than the goo and cover it right up- worked like a charm. 
Next I cut out a "frame" to place over the strip.
Next I simply added my initials! It looks like it was always meant to be that way and it added so much personality it just makes my heart happy!
And I love that my teal vinyl matches PERFECTLY to the inside color of the planner. It was meant to be!
Have I mentioned I am totally smitten by my Silhouette??

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