A little teacher love

We HEART Luke's teachers. They spend more time with him in a week than we do. And we think that deserves some major love! 

In honor of teacher appreciation week (although we all know we love teachers more than just teacher appreciation week), I put together a sweet bucket of goodies for his teacher. 
Now for some details... In honor of summer and getting toes ready for sandal weather,  this is basically a mani/pedi kit. I included a bottle of nail polish, nail polish remover, a file, and a mason jar filled with hand/foot scrub. 
I made the scrub from materials I had in my house. Included in the scrub is Dawn hand renewal dish soap (which smells ahhh-mazing), olive oil, and epsom salt. I mixed it all up in a bowl and added more ingredients to get it to the desired consistency. I wanted it more dry than runny, but not super dry. 
I also added some red food coloring to intensify the pink color. No the red food color doesn't deposit color on your hands. I already tried it ;)

Of course including a note was a must. We are so grateful for the wonderful ladies who have invested so much in the life of our "baby"!!
I filled a similar bucket last year:

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