Life Update: May Part 2

What a month this has been! We are getting into the swing of this 2 kid thing. I think Luke is having the most trouble adjusting because I can't hold him with my incision. I tried today for a couple minutes and he told me how he was happy I wasn't sick anymore. It broke my heart, but at the same time I'm glad that in a few days/weeks this incision will be healed and we can do all the snuggling we want!

First of all let me start by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who has brought us dinner this week. What a blessing to have a full fridge. And let me tell you- it's filled. And both freezers are filled. Literally I can't even fit a bag of "mommy's milk" in our freezer because it's overflowing.

I had to turn down dinner for tonight and ask them to bring it next week because of our storage issues. What a great problem to have! We'll be working through leftovers the rest of this week and through the weekend!

I posted yesterday that Emberly turned a week old. I forgot to include this picture. It's the exact time she was born, 1 week later. I think I'll go back and add it in that post!
And here's a comparison shot at 40 weeks (from 39 weeks). 
She had her first bath this past week too. Luke was such a big helper. He is the best big brother!

This picture was a complete surprise to me when I went through the pictures on my camera card! Josh let me sleep in a little and little man got in on feeding her. What a precious memory that my wonderful husband captured!
In other news, my debit card was stolen. Not the actual card- just the number. I got a call when I was still in the hospital last week, but I didn't recognize it (and hello! I was caught up in other more important things). Well my bank left a voicemail (that I didn't get until Monday) saying there was suspicious activity on my card and to call them ASAP. I checked my bank account and everything was exactly how I left it (with $4.90 in there). I only keep that account open so we can have an actual physical bank in town. Our main account is online only.

Anyways, long story short they picked the wrong account to steal. Since I only had $4.90 in there, all their transactions were denied. They tried to wire $50 through a money account order, and then tried to spend $75 at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in New Jersey. I assured my bank that I was in the hospital giving birth and that I wasn't in NJ last week. haha.

Also have you heard about this? A BBQ place in town had an e-coli outbreak. Scary thing? The people were infected May 2-4. Josh ate there the 2nd. I am really thankful that he didn't get sick with all the other events going on in our life this month!

I am planning a post next week with Emberly's newborn pictures. I did them myself this time to save a few bucks. Here's a sneak peek! And I'm learning the art of Photoshop... this picture is unedited but I am learning a couple techniques to make them even better! I can't believe I've had photoshop for over a year and this is the first time I've opened it!

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