1 week

I'm sorry for all the obnoxiously annoying posts filled with pictures of my new baby. Actually I'm not sorry, but I just wanted to warn you that this is another one filled with memories from this first week home.

We got home last Friday afternoon. It was a whirlwind hospital stay and although I LOVED the care we received in the hospital there comes a time that you are just ready to go home.

First things first- we stopped at the pharmacy to load up on meds. I was on an every four hour pain killer rotation. We were released at 11:30am and my next dose was suppose to be at 12:30pm. We were so thankful that the pharmacy had everything ready in 30 minutes!

Here's our mini pharmacy at home:
This also didn't include the 3 nausea medicines I needed the first few days. Thankfully that all has passed!! I had 2 mini-complications (if you can even call it that): a pesky UTI (that I actually had before surgery but they were hoping the antibiotics would kick it) and super low hemoglobin counts (makes sense why Josh said the floor in the OR looked like a murder scene). So 2 of those med bottles were for that.

The rest of this past week has really just been recovering, soaking up these sweet snuggly days, feeding, diaper changes and adjusting to our "new" life. Big brother Luke doesn't really know what to think. When he's in a good mood he likes her and loves on her. When he's sleepy/whiny it's a whole different story!

I feel like adjusting to #2 has been a whole lot easier than adjusting to #1. I may change my tune once Luke is here all day with us (he's still at school until next Friday). But even with a little sleep deprivation it's a lot easier than I remember. I think with #1 you are just totally overwhelmed with everything- feeding (how much? nursing?), diaper changes (boys are WAAAY harder to change!), and just sleep in general. I can truly say that I've completely enjoyed this last week!

Just a few things I want to remember:

Some sweet flowers that were sent to the hospital for us-
Her beautiful eyelashes-
Her peach fuzz ears-
That newborn leg hair-
Her tiny feet and toes (with her PKU heel prick)- and the fact that her feet are crossed. They are ALWAYS crossed (even in both ultrasounds).

Her first trip to Chick-fil-a (5 days old on her due date):
And her first trip to the pediatrician (also on day 5)-
She had lost 7oz before leaving the hospital and at her five day check-up she had regained those 7oz plus 2oz! She checked out perfectly healthy and we don't have to go back until the dreaded 2 month shot visit!

I will be back with a "life update" on Friday that isn't all baby related!

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