The final pre-baby nursery post

It's as ready as it'll be before she arrives! Here are some details of some things that have come together since last time (and the time before that and the early stages).

Here is a sweet door wreath (homemade by a sweet friend) that we'll be taking to the hospital and filling out with her stats.
Another friend bought us our cloth diaper pail liner off our Amazon registry. Pail liners might not make you happy- but they thrill my soul! I can't wait to put fluff on her booty!
I am falling more in love with her closet. After labeling her bins at the top and adding the shelf to the left, it finally feels more like it functions like it should. I know it will evolve over time and as she grows just like Luke's closet. 

Not much has changed with her collage wall. I still plan to slowly add to this... I want to get a few more pieces before I do so. 
I love this shelf. 
And I added her initials over the crib. It personalizes it just a smidge!
Of course the rocker wall looks the same:

And her dresser is all set and filled with goodies. Now we wait until she makes her debut!

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