December- the craziest (and BEST) month of the year!

If I don’t set goals… nothing will get done! So here are my goals for the next 31 days… which  are going to be quite a whirlwind:

-1. Finish the BATHROOM- argh!

1. Finish decorating for Christmas (I have a few more ornaments/crafts to do with Luke and to make some homemade garland to put on the tree)

2. Document our possessions in photos and store in our safe.

3. Josh’s DIY gifts

4. Finish the rest of Christmas gifts (I have a super cute homemade gift for the teachers I work with that I can’t wait to share).

5. Make Luke a Christmas shirt.

Of course my to do list doesn’t include- get ready for my Premier party Saturday (DONE!), pull off Luke’s birthday, wrap things up at school to prepare for 2 weeks off, celebrate our anniversary, spend time with great friends… and the list goes on and on and on.

Here are some posts I have planned (some I promised last month… oops):

1. What I’ve checked off in 101 in 1,001
2. Hallway project
3. Luke’s b-day
4. Luke’s birth story
5. Christmas decorations

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