Hallway Facelift

This summer I decided it was time to update our hallway. I was tired of there being ALOT of wall and no interesting thing to look at except the a/c thermostat and the alarm. I did part one in July (actually the day our a/c unit died). I remember sitting on the floor trying to figure out the design and it was stinkin’ hot! I don’t even have a before picture, but the before was just the “live, laugh, love” frame centered on the wall. Here is what it looks like now… Many of the frames were black already but I spray painted the family picture frame and his hand print frame black.

This is my favorite piece for this collage:

The wall opposite to the one above only had the frame that has 3 openings centered on it… we were pretty boring people!

Here is some of the art I added…

Josh was born in Iceland, me in Marietta, GA. I absolutely LOVE this one. I color copied an atlas page as the background.

A fingerpaint masterpiece!

Graduation day:

Luke as a newborn (sorry for the flash):

And model magic imprints of Luke’s foot and Sadie-dog’s foot! Furbaby felt left out of the action so with the left over I let her do it! Luke cheered her on by saying “Good girl”!

Many of the frames were thrift store finds. A few were already white. Here is how most of them started:

Here is the finished product:

I do plan on putting something between the alarm and the mirror, but it’s too small for a picture frame, so I’m still brainstorming! I think it makes a world of difference in the hallway! I really love that the mirror is the first thing you see when you leave the bathroom (which is directly on the right). It makes the hallway feel more open!

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