December all wrapped up

ummmm phew…. it’s over until next year!!!
I am always in a funk after Christmas. So much anticipation and excitement and then it’s over waaaaay too  fast.

So on that note… here’s what was accomplished this past month (here’s the original list).

negative 1. Finish the BATHROOM stripes- argh! It’s been on my to do list since September.
5. Make Luke a Christmas shirt. <—- I actually scrapped this idea. I had one all picked out, but I couldn’t find an applique that I LOVED for boys. And I figured it limited how long he could wear that shirt so I just didn’t do one. I made one last year for his 1 year pictures, and I loved that applique but I didn’t want to repeat it. Here is last year’s shirt:
On top of the “goals” that were accomplished, many other things got done as well!
Luke’s party was a hit:
I made a pillow slipcover-
The hallway got a facelift-
I finished Luke’s birth story 2 years later…

There was alot of DIYing of gifts: here,  here, and here.

Our master bathroom got a huge facelift. Here is a sneek peak taken late last night. There are a few posts (5 to be exact) coming next week detailing exactly what we did along with before and after pictures.
and this pretty creation that fits perfectly in this new space!

Our deck is getting a coat of weatherproofing sealant as we speak- It’s been installed for 4 1/2 months and this was super late in coming (you’re suppose to do it within 8-10 weeks of installation). So glad it’ll be protected for many years to come!

And here are some of my favorites that didn’t make it into my 365 photo challenge!

He LOVES to paint… on himself a little too much so we moved the fun to the bathtub!

Christmas Eve! Yes Sadie dog is quite spoiled.

LOVE my little man

On Christmas night we went to see lights at Life University in Marietta. For $5 a car it was pretty great!!
So long December! Can’t wait til’ next year so I can decorate with all the fun things I got on sale this year!!!

Lastly, our 2011 Christmas card (we have a Christmas memories book that we update each year- so it’s already safely tucked away in there):
Be looking for my January goals!

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