hot diggity dog

This is little man’s birthday week! His party was last Sunday and his birthday is this Friday. Mickey Mouse is his favorite, so of course that’s what we went with!
His birthday tree. He LOVES this! He points to the colors and loves the lights.

Some treats we had “on hand” at the party…wa waaaaaa no pun intended.

and the cupcakes- which were delish.

We had a coloring table for the kiddos. Luke was testing it out before his guests arrived.
and presents were a hit!

2 candles for 2 years! He just wasn’t sure what to do…

Playing with a sweet “tall” friend. When he let go of the balloon, he couldn’t reach it so she would get it for him!

Checking out his new toys…

Oh it was so fun to have such great people over. I can’t wait to surprise him on Friday with more balloons!!

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