Josh's DIY Christmas

I’ve mentioned before that we are tackling our debt this year. We’ve paid off our deck, and we are looking to pay off student loans and the truck, so the only debt would be our house (which I totally don’t see as debt). Of course we know we may have to purchase an a/c until this year, and depending how things go we may do our siding too. Lots of obstacles that come in the way of our ultimate goal… So we decided we would go simple for Christmas this year. I told him I was fine making his gifts, and he could just go really cheap for me (of course he’s already given me a gift and it was new stainless steel pots and pan… way to stay in the budget babe).
Anyways… here’s what I came up with for him:
This canvas will go in our master bedroom collage that I hope to finish soon. I found the idea on pinterest of course. But it’s sweet, simple and I look forward to seeing it every day.

Next up was a “secret” compartment book- sort of like a book safe. I’m not even sure where this idea came from but he must have mentioned it at some point in our relationship- so I went to pinterest to look for tutorials. I knew the basic concept, but I wanted a step by step walkthrough. I found the book at the thrift store for $0.25 and went to work. The farther I went in cutting out the pages, the harder it got, so that’s as far as I got- I could have gone farther, but my patience was gone. It’s around an inch deep. The book is probably 2 inches deep cover to cover.

No idea what he’s going to keep in this, but I can assure you it won’t be anything of dire importance, and it’s really not all that deep- but I think it’s cool and he LOVED it!  And it really does look just like a book on the outside.
YAY for homemade! I think everything cost less than $5. I had the paint for the canvas already, and the sealer that I applied on top of it… the canvases were $7 for a 2 pack, and the book was $0.25. The modpodge I already had, and I used a utility knife to cut out the pages (which again I already had). So for less than $5 2 great gifts! And he’s waaaay more sentimental than most people know.
Of course I had other things for him, and he isn’t lacking in the gifts department between all our families :) It just goes to show that you can stay “within” budget and make something great!

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