November re-cap (seriously where do these months go?)

A couple of things I wanted to get done this month… here was my original list:

1. Finish bathroom stripes<—- yep you guessed it;  I’m still not done.

This is what I had left at the beginning of the month:

And now...

I ran out of froggy tape…. The only tape I will ever use…

I did get the entire far left wall done except for the very top stripe (I needed to wait because it goes around the shower and I need to take the curtain down.

and I got 2 stripes done on the closest wall to the left. The color is off because the paint is still drying.

Yes I am the queen of procrastination. Yes I should have known that 1 roll of tape wasn’t going to cut it… no I can’t cross this goal off my list just yet.

2. Knock out sewing orders ( I also finished the pumpkin shirt, and the other onesie- just no completed pics of those)

3. Begin decorating for Christmas (I do have a post all about this planned). Loving how my red and white tree turned out this year!

4. Get my sewing bookshelf organized


5. ORB patio set
See the discolored table top??


What a beauty!

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