happy christmas!

I LOVE Christmas time at our house. There is just something about December that I just LOVE and it’s the reason I chose it as our wedding month. Here are some things we’ve been up to:

Our tree in the bathroom-

One of Luke’s Christmas crafts- found ala pinterest!

Willow Tree manger- that we keep up year round. It’s important to celebrate his birth all year!

For Fall the “Thankful Tree” looked like this:

And now it looks like this. I really was going to trash it but I love the raw twiggy look!

I made this pillow slipcover. I do plan on doing a post about this later. Anyone who can run a sewing machine can do this.

Handmade garland. Styro balls covered in glitter with sparkly pom poms. The glitter was really annoying so I didn’t do many of those.

Pokey things that come out of the tree= twisted pipe cleaners. Super cheap, and add alot of color!

Our red and white tree! I LOVE the effect of the decomesh.

Another craft- Luke refused to paint anymore.

and Hubbys.

Beautiful! We just got our lights up on the bushes outside and the front door now looks like this: Of course it’s 10xs prettier at night!

and of course Sadie is in the middle of everything.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas??

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