March Goals- a recap

My original list was here.

My plan this month was basically to make a plan. I felt like I had a million things I wanted to do but unless I started somewhere, nothing was going to get finished!

1. Unpack the remaining boxes. Done. And thrilled that this chore is over! Really what was holding me back was my collection of picture frames. I wasn't sure I had them all together (and I didn't), so I gathered them, and put them in the garage, a handy place to grab them for projects! This little kick of motivation made Josh want to reorganize a little nook in our basement. Here's the after:

The before was pretty much this, but everything was stacked on top of each other. And to access 1 box, everything had to come out. It was getting old. Plus with me selling a ton of stuff in consignment sales, that freed up more plastic boxes. Now just the 3 boxes on the right have to get pulled in order to access the back shelves. Also cardboard boxes just don't do stuff justice!

And that corner where the pile was outta control? Much better!

2. Finish painting Emmie's room. Although I was able to accomplish alot of painting projects this month (here and here) I was unable to knock this out. This has proven to be a difficult room because it seems like she's always in there asleep! Whenever I have time to knock it out, she was snoozing away. Seriously girl- work with me. I did work about an hour in here and got mostly 1 coat on everything (except parts of the ceiling) and most of it still needs a second coat. Also the far wall is going to be gray, and I have started it, but am no where near done. It's also incredibly difficult to work in here with all the furniture (moving the ladder, maneuvering the extension pole for the roller) but it will get done!

And excuse how dark these photos are. We have a darkening panel on the window that we don't open since she's still taking 2 naps a day.

3. Monogram orders! Done! I had a fairly large order to complete and then a last minute rush order to finish. Although I didn't do my personal monogramming, I did get around to some personal sewing that I've wanted to do for a while. Here is some photographic evidence:

These gowns... seriously I wish there was a touch and feel feature through the internet (kinda like scratch and sniff). They are gloriously soft. 

4. Polish our hardwood floors. This didn't happen. Well I lied. I tested one tiny small section. Josh was away most of the month and honestly after wrangling the kids, driving places, and making sure we were all still alive, the condition of my floors was the last thing on my mind. I was busy making sure the toilets were flushed and the dog was taken out.

5. Paint the accent wall. Done! Thankfully before Josh left we were able to tag team one evening. I can't believe the depth and "pop" this simple upgrade made!

I kinda miss my monthly lists! I am a list maker by nature and these are fun challenges for me. Not sure I'm going to do one every month (honestly I'm a little burned out right now), but maybe more often than not!

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