How I snagged Frozen: for FREE

We caved and jumped on the Frozen frenzy. I wasn't sure if Luke would like it since it seemed like all my momma friends who raved about it had mostly girls. We wanted to do something with just Luke (no sissy stealing the attention) so we took him to the theater to see it.

It was just as good as everyone said, and my biggest surprise? Luke loved it. I asked him why he liked it so much and he said "Cause she changes the weather and that's REALLY COOL!" #boyswillbeboys

As parents we loved the message it sent girls/daughters- that you don't need a man to show you love. And that sister/sister relationship? Beautiful.

Josh and I knew it would be a movie we'd add to our collection at some point. You know, to show Emberly in a few years. I was going to wait until this madness of the release ended and hopefully grab it on clearance or as a black friday deal.

I would say the best way to save money and know the deals are to "like" various coupon sites on facebook. I am friends with Southern Savers and I love all the deals she passes on.

Last Friday a deal popped up in my newsfeed that said if you sign up at and go through their site to Walmart's site and order the Blu-Ray "Frozen" (and ship it site to store) then Top Cash Back will give you $22 back in your account. I was skeptical.
I took this shot a few hours later and the Blu-Ray was sold out. You could still get the $14 one and I believe they gave back $17. 
yes Teen Mom is pulled up in the browser. #dontjudge

#1 I know these sites- Ibotta, Checkout51- they're all the same. And you have to wait until your account gets to a certain balance to "cash it out".

#2 I was worried that the "tracking" didn't work because I was on my phone and I hadn't verified my account. I took a risk and did it anyways. I knew the deal wouldn't last and worst case? It's Walmart. I could always return it.

#3 If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I was pleasantly surprised. It did seem too good to be true. And it wasn't!!

After ordering I did a little bit of research about the site. Different sites have written articles about Top Cash Back and how customer friendly they are. I also found out in the FAQ that you don't have to verify your account to snag the deal (it just has to be verified before the cash is given back). Well I kept waiting and kept waiting for the verification email. Nothing. I thought "I knew this was too good to be true". But after resending the verification 6 times, I finally checked my spam folder. And all 6 verifications were sitting there!! Phew.

So I verified and waited a few days. Nothing was showing in my account so I wondered if it went through. The FAQ did say that if the website didn't track properly that they would do everything in their power to get the customer the deal. I took screenshots as I went just incase. Kinda like a virtual receipt. Except honestly? I'm not sure how I took these because I did it from my phone. Must have signed in to check my account.
The DVD was ready at Wally World less than 45 minutes after ordering. If you know me personally you know I don't go to Walmart. Ever. I actually went almost an entire year without going. And now will only go if it's vitally necessary. You know... for Christmas decorations and Mild Taco Bell Sauce.

I was very pleased with how easy the site-to-store was (I've waited for 30 minutes before for my items to be retrieved). The process this time was seamless. It was a surprise to Luke that we got the movie (and in all honestly my frugal side didn't want to open it "just in case" the deal didn't go through). But whatev. Kids do something to you that make you not even care about how much you are spending.

The money was pending in my account 3 days later (and the website says it can take up to 7 days). I spend $21.16 and will receive $22.00 back. It was a small money maker! The only downfall is that it can take up to 14 weeks to process. But knowing that it's there is fine with me! And I'm so glad I didn't fall "sucker" to a too goo to be true deal!
**Top Cash Back has no idea that I exist or that I went through their site for this transaction. I was not perked in anyways to share this information. You know I just love passing on good deals when I see them!

Go get connected with a site like southern savers! It's so nice to have these deals delivered directly to my Facebook feed!

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