High Five for Friday!

This week has felt a little chaotic. I don't think I fully felt prepared, which meant the whole week I was playing catch up. Catch up with laundry, chores, dishes, etc.

Here are the top 5 moments!

1. Emberly started crawling- like real crawl up on her knees. Not the military belly crawl. It was exciting. And she is regularly pulling up- and tried to scale the stairs. Ah!

2. Luke has made neighbor friends and it's taking alot for me to just let him play and not worry like a crazy person. His friends are a little older (7 and 5)  but super respectful, and are showing him the ropes with riding bikes off ramps (be still my heart) and how to use a scooter. I am SO HAPPY he has friends here! But a piece of my momma heart is nervous letting him play outside "by himself". :) Of course I'm ALWAYS within ear shot either with a window open or a door open. 

3. My new van is smarter than me. As I was entering the highway it told me I was getting a flat tire. I got out and looked and didn't see anything but after being stranded in snowpocalypse, I didn't want to take a chance. I was less than a mile from home, so I backed down the entrance ramp, broke a bunch of traffic laws, and headed home. Sure enough my tire pressure was 15 (!) and it should have been 36. Josh was able to patch the hole (it was a nail in the tread) and we will keep a close eye on it. 

4. Taxes are off and boy am I nervous! We had alot of tax events this past year (me quitting my job, Josh switching jobs, having a baby, renting our house out, paying a loan back in full that we received when we first bought our house 6 years ago). Honestly we have NO idea if we'll owe or get a refund. There are just too many variables. And we're hoping we don't owe an arm and a leg.

5. I'm in a painting and rearranging mood. I've started painting 2 new spaces (along with Em's room). Why can't I finish 1 project before starting another?! I also have completely overhauled my sewing space. Can't wait to share details once it's done!

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