I need a to do list...


It's been a while since I had a monthly list, but there are things that are piling up that I have GOT to get to! So here goes:

1. Unpack the remaining boxes. There are 2 boxes still in our breakfast nook just sitting, and a couple of forgotten piles other places throughout the house. It's high time that I go through those, find a place for the contents, and be done with this unpacking nonsense!
2. Finish painting Emmie's room. I have started this room, and my mom came to help, but holy moly it's hard to paint a baby's room (with that baby living in it!). I'm about 50% done, but I need to spend about 3 more hours and possibly another trip to the paint counter to finish.
{iphone pictures- horribly dark!}
3. Monogram orders. I have one customer order outstanding and then I have a few shirts I want/need to make Emberly. Of course I'll get to the customer order first, but I am ready to have the other shirts done too!
4. Polish our hardwood floors. I am really upset about how high maintenance our hardwood floors are turning out to be. See those little scratches?
I did a little spot check (not the area pictured) with a product I picked up and was semi-impressed so I think I'm going to see how it does. I've got nothing to lose!

5. Paint the accent wall in our living room. This is totally dependent on how much time Josh has because he has to unmount the TV and do things that I don't feel comfortable doing! We shall see!
How's that for a little kick of motivation?? Put it on the internet and be totally embarrassed if I don't get it done!

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