High Five For Friday!

Hmmm wonder where Luke is?

1. I felt much better about going into this week (as opposed to last). I think I was more mentally and physically prepared for it! Yay for not treading water.

2. This is going to be a long one but it's kind of a funny story. We got our first real power bill last month (that incorporated an actual whole month at the new house). We were BLOWN away by how high it was. Of course it's been a cold winter, and we had 2 extremely unusual snow storms, but holy moly batman! Our house isn't that old, and it should be pretty well insulated and we just expected it to be lower. We haven't gotten around to switching out all our lightbulbs to CFLs (or LEDs), so this past month we made a point to make sure lights were getting turned off. Of course we've had a milder month (which helped) and we tried to think of various ways to save. We bumped our thermostat down a degree (and use the fireplace more since we are getting a great deal on gas). We have 3 levels so I'm constantly asking Luke to check his closet to make sure the light is out or to run down to the basement an make sure the garage light is out. Another way is watching our washer/hot water usage especially since we cloth diaper. When I turn it on, the buttons automatically switch to using warm water. So I've made a conscious effort to switch it to cold/tap water. Except everytime I opened the washer to transfer it to the dryer, the clothes were warm! What the heck? I thought I could outsmart the machine so I did an all HOT wash (thinking if the pipes were switched then when I chose cold the water would be hot and when I chose hot the water would be cold). Nope still hot. I tried turning off the hot water at the wall just to see what happened. Nothing. No water. I feared that we didn't have cold water running up there. I researched, asked my parents, and researched some more. I was worried that either the cold tap wasn't working ($$$) or the washer somehow broke in the move ($$$). I found a website with a list of ways to troubleshoot and as soon as Josh got behind the washer he realized the pipes were switched! Yay for figuring it out without dropping a cent (minus all the hot washes we've accidentally run)! It was just funny that it took us 3 months to figure out what was happening! And I'm happy to report our powerbill was HALF of the previous one (I'd say the good weather accounted for 25% savings and us watching our usage accounted for the other 25%).

3. We are enjoying exploring this new town! A walk in the park is the perfect afternoon activity. 
We spent Wednesday-Thursday night at my parent's house. It makes the commute to preschool a little more manageable. Instead of a 45 minute commute it's a 10 minute commute. Funny thing? We were still 10 minutes late yesterday morning. :)

4. And speaking of preschools... we are still up in the air about Luke's preschool next year. Why are decisions so hard to make?!

5. Em is eating like a champ. I feel like she is about to majorly wean from bottles (we've cut from 5 to 3) and she's eating 3 full meals a day. She had her first Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets the other night and loved them! So proud of my big girl.

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