Ceiling Whimsy

We left off in the play room here. I said there that I was really loving this room. It's really the house's dining room so it is right off the kitchen which makes it super easy for me to keep an eye on the kids while I'm cooking dinner or cleaning. Someone needs to be on crayon eating patrol at all times. 

Here's where we started. 
and the room quickly got filled with toys. Sorry I didn't clean up for a lovely before. Kid's don't believe in that nonsense.
Since we have crown moulding in here that nicely breaks up the tan, I thought it would be the perfect place for a whimsical ceiling. Also most of our house flows together from room to room. But this room is separated by four walls and 2 doorways. It's the perfect place to try out some paint without having to commit to the rest of the house. 

Here's a peek at the ceiling before:
Throughout the whole house the ceilings are the same color as the walls. Which I actually like. Although it doesn't seem like it would, it makes the rooms feel larger. 

I have always wanted a blue ceiling somewhere. I would love a patio/porch with a blue ceiling someday. Actually true story- one day when I was a teenager I wanted a blue ceiling in my room. I grabbed a paint brush, ladder, and some paint from the garage and painted the whole thing. My DIY habits craziness goes way back. 

I chose Serene Sky by Behr. Actually I didn't choose it. It's what I already had. Sound familiar?
The color I originally chose was Coastal Mist. See it on the left? After mulling it over for a few weeks and holding up the paint  deck every so often in different lights I was sold. And then I remember that I had 3/4 of a gallon of Serene Sky from Luke's room. I haven't shown his room yet because it's still a work in progress, so you'll have to trust me here. His room took over a gallon so I had to buy a second knowing I wouldn't use all of it. #blessingindisguise

I decided to compare the two colors just to see if they were much different. And honestly? they weren't. Mineral Water and Serene Sky are a little brighter. Coastal Mist was a little more muted. But overall they were very similar. Similar enough that I felt buying a $25 gallon of Coastal Mist was pointless. Plus Serene SKY. Blue ceiling. #matchmadeinheaven It's no secret that I choose paint colors based on their names. 
And a little side story- Luke's old room was painted with Mineral Water. His old room didn't get a ton of natural night so the lighter color was okay. When we got here the 9 foot ceilings plus a larger room and a bunch of natural light really washed the color out. I decided to go one shade darker (Serene Sky) to account for those changes. 

So I had these poor babies sitting around. I figured they'd be the perfect primer for this project. I knew I didn't have enough leftover Serene Sky paint for 2 coats (and so far after painting Em and Luke's room both have needed 2 coats to cover the tan). 
I was a little nervous since the Mineral Water was the eggshell sheen and I am using all flat enamel in this house. All the tan is flat paint and although I never thought I'd like the flat sheen, I am really digging it! It hides alot of imperfections in the wall and I like that the walls don't shine. I am missing the scrubability of eggshell, but flat enamel is just one step down on the sheen ladder. It's actually a fairly new sheen. It wasn't a choice when we painted our last house. It's a teeny tiny bit more shiny than regular flat, but not by much. I worried that the more matte flat enamel wouldn't go on smoothly on top of eggshell, but thankfully I was wrong. 

I started by doing 2 coats of cutting in. I did this over the course of a few days/naptimes. 
Then I did the primer (that isn't really primer) trick. See how the border is darker? That's the Serene Sky. The inside color is the lighter Mineral Water. Sorry about the terrible lighting. It was pushing midnight. 
The only issue I ran into was that paint always dries darker. Which means it goes on lighter. So when I started painting the Serene Sky over the Mineral Water it was the exact.same.color. I had to paint a section and wait for it to dry so I could see what I missed and where I needed to keep going. 

And how's that for a touch of whimsey?
We still haven't decided the fate of the chandy.

This room will eventually be painted. Maybe a dark moody gray? Haven't decided. But the ceiling was a good start! I can't wait to get some art on those walls!

And we all love a good before:
and after:
And literally the same day that I painted this ceiling, I found this in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Sunday paper "homefinder" section. How timely! And that room? Drool worthy. Finding inspiration in print AFTER I do a project reminds me of that time I painted our old front door the color of a Zaxby's birthday cake milkshake sprinkle. And I suddenly have a really strong craving for that creamy goodness. 
Painted ceilings. Yay or nay? I was thinking what a good idea it is to just paint the ceiling (of kids rooms especially) when your house is on the market. That way people aren't overwhelmed with your color choices, but the rooms still have personality. A nice bright ceiling with a neutral wall sounds lovely!

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