I'm a complete and total hypocrite...

I mentioned here that I was setting a personal goal to not buy clothes for 6 months...

I really meant well on my goal. I really wanted to do this. But I failed. I will take absolutely NO responsibility for this, and I'm blaming it all on my husband. 

We were on our way to a day full of shopping. Since we live at LEAST 45 minutes from a Target, Sams, and Publix, I hit them all on one day each month. It's like a mega couponing/saving money trip. 

On our way down we were talking about how Josh needed new shorts and the conversation suddenly turned into how I dress like a total and complete bum when I work out. Like I wear shirts with holes in them. And shorts covered in paint. My theory is NO one is going to see me (we go to the rec dept. to bike ride). 

He suggested I spend some time today looking for workout clothes. I have been slightly motivated to exercise recently. I was able to access my medical stats online from the dr. office and I realized I've lost 23 lbs since Luke was 6 months old. That doesn't include the "baby weight" that I dropped in those first 6 months. It was total motivation to see that by not really trying (just by chasing a baby/toddler around) that I can lose a lot of weight!! So I'm on a roll. And I mean he pretty much forced me to get the new workout clothes. Who's going to argue the point??

I also accidentally threw a shirt into the cart. And maybe a BOOK (gasp- since I NEVER buy books). I figured I'll donate "Loving" to the church or public library when I'm done reading it. And he qualified it as an early Mother's Day gift. 

So although I totally broke this goal I am refusing to buy new flip flops. I have too many. And the ones I have need to be worn out this summer and thrown away come next fall/winter. 

Did I mention I also bought some jewelry from Premier and I plan to buy more in August? Oh well. Some habits die hard. 

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