Dining "room"

We don't really have a dining room. It's more an area/eat in-kitchen. Nevertheless, looking back through my old photos, I'm pretty amazed at the transformation of our house over the past almost 4 years. It's so funny how you forget what it used to look like and it's amazing all the things you lived with!

Here is a peek at our dining room right when we moved in:
A couple things I have to mention... Josh's shoe graveyard... he seriously needs to stop making fun of me. That chandelier?? Cringe worthy. The shelf in the background is my sewing shelf now. And that table... wow.

This is looking more familiar. This was around Luke's 1st birthday party. Notice my wedding bouquet on the wall. This was an awesome wedding gift. A couple of amazing friends went in together to pull this off. And I had no idea that they had somehow swiped my bouquet at some point after the wedding!

Notice the table got stained and painted. We added a baby (and a high chair!). A new chandelier and those candle things to the side of my bouquet.

Here's the wall today! I wanted to do a collage in here. But I wanted it to be less "random" than the master bedroom college and Luke's collage.

I am totally shocked at this transformation. Somehow with all those frames up there it makes the wall feel bigger! (And I had other people mention this weekend how much bigger it felt too- without me mentioning it!) In a 1,400 square foot house I'll take bigger any day!

A couple of things from this post... I am going to move the fabric frame back to my bathroom once I find another frame to put there. Whatever goes in it's place will be even with the orange-ish frame to the left. I'm not digging the stair stepdown part. I made the LOVE the Lord printable before Picnic shut down. The wedding card collage is all the way on the right. The shelf I found at Salvation Army and it was black! I made the Oh how He loves us printable and the candle holder is from habitat for humanity. That's a quick tour around the collage and I am LOVING it!! I like that the top/sides of the collage are all even like a rectangle. I kept the bottom a little random just for visual interest!

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