Emergency Kit- Part dos

I shared with you back in April about our Emergency Preparedness Kit. I hadn't quite finished it and I pledged to finish it soon! It's now finished. The dollar store helped me finish out the remaining items. Here's a picture of 75% of the **things I added. I'm not comfortable putting our ID/Phone#list/information cards on the internet. So I left those out. Here's a picture of some of the loot I added:

Supplies in the kit:
**bleach (I'm thinking a bleach laundry pen)
**AA batteries
**1 whistle per person
cloth gloves
sun block
rope (parachute cable)
garbage bags
flashlight (I didn't actually put this in the box- it is always plugged in so when the power goes out it is fully charged)
deodorant x2
bar of soap
toothbrush/ toothpaste
hair ties
glasses (perfect solution for my old ones that I didn't know what to do with!)
contact solution/contact case
3 rolls of toilet paper
 roll of paper towels
**plastic utensils
blanket x3 (one for each of us)
change of clothes for each person
notebook and pens (there are 3 notebooks and 3 pens, one for each of us)
**cash (inc. coins)
**pictures of each family member (laminated)
**card with phone numbers laminated (police dept. fire dept. poison control)
**copy of identification cards (copied and laminated)
**deck of cards/uno

first aid kit: I made my own according to the Red Cross website:
               ✔box of Bandaids
               alcohol pads
               antibiotic ointment
               rubber gloves (We have 2 pairs- so 4 total)
               ace roll/wrap 
               hydrocortizone cream
               cold compress (I used the peri pads they gave us at the hospital. After my c-section they                   weren't really needed. You bust them like a cold pack and they stay cold for an hour)

3 days of food: 
granola bars
3 days of water: I bought a bottle that is 3 quarts, and then 12 1 pint bottles. 

As I as researching how to put together our emergency kit, I came across a pet kit and a car kit. I have put these together too. 

Our dog is seriously a member of the family. How in the world could I ever leave her out??  
Sadie-dog kit:✔food (1 small bag/2 gallon ziploc bags)
✔couple bottles of water
✔medicine (she takes Ascriptin for her arthritis/joint paint)

As I did more research I realized that 99% of the time in the summer I wear flip flops, and I had no food/water in my car. Flip flops don't = great walking shoes in case something ever happened. Not that I anticipate being stranded anytime soon, but I sure will be glad if I ever am!

Car Kit: We each have a simple first aid kit in there already. 
✔water (24 hours worth)
granola bars


My flashlight is in the glove compartment and is regularly checked by my wonderful husband for dead batteries!

I hope all this stuff is never needed and fingers crossed- since we are prepared we surely will never need it. Be there is always the "what-if" in my mind and I'm glad we're prepared!

Oh yeah did I mention it marks #55 off the list!

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