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I'm always looking for new ways to help me organize and control the photo chaos that is my life. In a way digital photography has changed my life for the good- but holy organization! I'm no stranger to organizing photos, and I've shared some previous woes/solutions here, here, here, here. But I have found something that has revolutionized the way I'll print iPhone pictures from now on.

Meet PhotoAffections. Also known as Free Prints. Meow. Or since I really don't like cats- Woof.
I came across this as an ad on Facebook. I figured checking it out wouldn't hurt, so I downloaded the app (called Free Prints in the app store). It got awesome reviews and it claimed FREE PRINTS!

Pretty much it accesses your iPhone (or I guess any phone's?) camera roll.  You click the pictures you want to print, and you're practically done! The only catch is you pay shipping. BUT no more than $9.99. You get up to 80 something free 4x6 prints a MONTH. I ordered about 50 and paid around $7 for shipping. Shipping is calculated based on how many photos you order.

It's more expensive to go this route than a photocenter like Walgreens or Walmart, but since it pulls them RIGHT OFF MY PHONE, it was totally work the extra $$! And I'm sure this isn't the only app to do this... but it's the one that I found found me.
It also prints Instagram prints, but you have to pay for those- I think it was 49cents each for 5x5.

I was absolutely thrilled with the quality when they came in the mail! I went ahead and printed the last half of last year's pictures so I can finish my 2013 Project Life binder! And I see myself using this easy app to keep up with pictures throughout the year! iPhone pictures were the one area of photo organization that I just hadn't nailed, but the 4x6 quality is phenomenal! And you know I wasn't perked or paid to talk about this. Just passing on a great product when I find one!

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