I shared our new home tour here and mentioned at the end that I would soon have a list of what we plan to do here at our new abode.

For being a pretty new build this house has alot of character and charm, but it still has alot of builder grade boringness. It's my goal that while we're here we make it cozy and homey. On to the to-do list:

Luke's room:
-Paint. I've already done three walls blue and the ceiling the same shade, but I'm planning to do an accent wall on the window wall.
-Get his curtains up.
-Swap out his light. Our house is boob light central- we must have been the first stop on that train. It's over the top how many boob lights are in this house. I'd like to put a fan in there- we are in the deep south y'all!
-Do something fun in his closet. He has the most awesome closet ever. It's HUGE. And I want to make it fun.
-Hang his wall stuff. The only hurdle I have when arranging his room is knowing that he's going to outgrow his bed in the near future. So I need to keep his big boy bed in mind as I do things (like make a bunch of holes in the wall).

Emberly's room:
-Paint. I barely started cutting in and then we moved in. There's still alot to paint in there. Like Luke's room I'm going to paint three walls pink (along with the ceiling) and do the window wall gray. Her curtains are gray/pink so I feel like the gray wall will really make them pop.
-Speaking of curtains, I'm sure she's getting tired of the blankets hanging by thumb tacks... need to get those rods up STAT.
-Add a light in her closet. It annoys me that Luke's closet has a light and hers doesn't. Her closet is much smaller than his, but it would still function well.
-Swap out the light. Surprise! There's a boob light in here too. I'm thinking of putting in a chandelier.
-I'd like to paint her closet (pink like the old house) and do something whimsical in there.
-Hang her wall stuff. Her room is smaller so I pretty much already have a plan.

Kid's bathroom-
I know my color scheme in here is going to be navy/green but that's about as far as I've thought. I would like to paint in there, but there aren't any windows so I need to wait to be inspired by a color. I may go lighter/neutral and accessorize with bright pops of color. Still pondering. Like I said, I'm still really up in the air about everything.

Our bedroom/bathroom-

For now I'm keeping it tan with red accents. That's what our old house was and it worked. I would love to do something totally different down the line (lots of whites, grays, blues, greens), but for now It's at the bottom of the priority list. I already have a ton of red accessories and red is slightly romantic ;).

Laundry closet-
-Paint or put up some kind of wallpaper. Josh already said no to the wallpaper, but I think I can convince him if I find the perfect stuff.
-Rework the shelving. Right now there's just 1 wire shelf running the whole length. I'd love to have various shelves and maybe a cabinet. There's alot of wasted space above the shelf that could probably be used more efficiently.


It's a total mind shift to have all this wall space. I didn't have a foyer or entryway in our old house. So I'm really having to brainstorm.
-I'd love to do some sort of accent wall on the very first wall you see when you walk in. It would break up all the tan and add some depth, but I worry that it would make the space feel smaller. Still thinking that through.
-Stain the stair rails. Right now the part you hold on to as you walk down is oak colored. It's pretty, especially since this is a craftsman style house and the front door is pretty much the same color (and I can't change that). Between the door, railings, and hardwood floors it's alot of oak wood. I think a rich dark espresso stain would do alot to ground the whole staircase and tie in all the Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware!
-Photos! Lots of them. I don't want an entire wall all the way up (the stairs twist three times), but something to add interest. I also have a very specific plan for a "family" wall on one of the angled walls upstairs.

Half bath-
-This room has wainscoting already installed and I LOVE it. I want to do a deep, dark, rich color up top. Like Peacock blue or deep Navy blue. I'm trying to find the perfect hand towels and then I'll choose a color after I do.

Playroom (Dining room)-
-Lot's of plans in here! First we need to figure out a light. There's a chandelier in there. We've considered a fan since we'll be in there ALOT. Something we can take down when we want to sell and put the chandy back up. To save us some time we may keep the chandelier (Josh has already put it higher)... who knows. We'll probably wait until summer to decide.
-Paint. I'm torn because as much as I want to make it fun, it is also the first room you see when you walk in our house. So I need to keep it calm. Maybe do a fun sky blue on the ceiling  and then a dark gray on the walls since there's crown molding to break it up? The room is bright with 2 entrances and lots of light.
-I'm going to create very specific zones- a play zone with lots of cubbies for toys, a drawing/art table, a reading corner... and lots of little projects along the way.


-This space doesn't really need anything. It's beautiful as is! I am planning on painting a small wall over the desk a darker brown. It's tan now and sticks out like a sore thumb. Stay tuned.

Eating area- (still don't have pictures!)
-Not too much planned but to hang stuff on the wall and clear the boxes of clutter from the corner. Eventually I would like to get a buffet to put on the wall to house placemats, serving trays, etc... then again I don't just want to buy furniture because we have the room because it'll be more to move later.

Living room-
-Again so much of it is already perfect. Our furniture from our old house fits perfectly. I still love our area rug and coffee table.
-I'm considering an accent wall where the fire place is? Something to make it pop more. I don't really want to paint downstairs since I really like the tan/neutral it is, but I love accent walls!
-Built-ins. Because of how they installed the fire place it juts out from the main wall and creates the perfect corners for built-ins. Now to save some pennies for that project!!


-Get my sewing/craft stuff organized. I want to get more stuff on Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers and Ebay, so I need to space to work! Already done alot that I'll share soon.
-This is also Josh's manland, so there won't be much to style. He'll just be happy to have some space and wall space to put his manly stuff.
-There's a closet nook but it doesn't have a door or any shelves. Although we're torn on adding a door, we have definitely thrown out the idea to put shelves. It holds my holiday boxes, project materials, and wrapping paper.

Garage- (no pictures here yet!)
-There's an awesome nook/corner under the stairs that are in desperate need of more shelves somehow. It's the only way to maximize all that space.
-We would love to include some sort of workbench for Josh to work down there. He has all his "toys"- tools, saws, etc. A flat area to work would be awesome!
-Bikes need to be hung, baby clothes need to be moved, and general garage stuff (beach toys/towels, camping stuff, etc.) needs to be organized. Stay tuned!

I think we have our work cut out for us! I'm excited to get started (actually we've already started) and I am itching to get some things hung up on these bare walls! I don't think I've ever let blank walls sit this long!

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