High five for Friday!

1. This week was one of the best on record. Luke went to Disney for the first time and had the time of his life. You can bet a post will be coming later!

2. Josh's arm isn't broken! However he has quite a contusion, which is the doctor fancy way of saying bruise. He had his cast removed and has been downgraded to a brace. He has physical therapy for a while and has the paper work to be released to work on light duty. We're both hoping it's sooner rather than later.

3. I can't seem to catch up on anything. I always feel like I'm running in circles. It's like I'll completely catch up on laundry but have no idea what's for supper or I'll be monogramming up a storm and the dishes sit for 2 days. Ahhhh to find balance would be lovely. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't vacuumed since we moved in. And adding another whole extra bathroom, with 2 extra sinks to the cleaning list is exhausting!

4. Luke is thriving in preschool. It still amazes me what he learns and picks up on. I have learned that if I don't want it repeated than I better not say it. Let's just say he's learned the term "hangry" and uses it flawlessly... Complete with the attitude. I'm trying to make a decision about preschool next year. Right now it takes 45 minutes to get to school with traffic. Trying to decide if I want to move schools again (that would make 3 in 3 years) or if I can just continue to deal with the traffic. Lots to pray about.

5. Daddy and Emberly did amazing while Luke and I and my parents were in Florida. He volunteered at the last minute to keep Em at home (Josh couldn't go in case work needed him and he had a doctor appointment while we were away) and I hadn't really thought about leaving her behind- but in the end it all worked out. Because of her horrible sleep habits it was best that she stay in her crib and not break routine (she's barely been sleeping through the night for a month). Of course we kept in touch through face time but I missed my baby. When I got home I told him to tell me the truth about how it really was and surprisingly he said she was perfect and their time together couldn't have been better. It all worked out perfectly!


  1. {visiting from H54F} Hooray for Disney!! Hope your lit'l guy's arm feels much better soon! Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend!! PS: my silly phone just jumped causing me to +1 your post {not sure what that does...just consider it an A+ post I guess ;) lol!} Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Love! I'm not sure how +1 and google work either. Way too much to keep up with! Thanks for stopping by!