Sand Art: Take Two

Remember my lovely sand art that I made after 3 beaches, 3 states, 3 weeks?
And then remember how it smashed into a million pieces on the floor when we had our siding redone at our old house? The pounding hammers were just too much for my sweet sand art vase that was lovingly placed on the wrong wall.
Good thing it wasn't an urn filled with ashes. Can I get an amen?

In the midst of my tears (totally kidding), we got on our hands and knees and scooped up as much sand as we could- thinking that maybe I'll attempt another sand art in the future.

All the sand safely made it through the move and there has since been more sand added to the mix. It was time to start this whole project over.

I gathered my supplies (I grabbed the vase at Michael's with a 40% off coupon making it $3)
and got to work.

First I poured in the sand from the broken vase. It all got mixed together, and although it didn't have the same effect as the original, it's the fact that the sand is there.

I keep the vase in chronological order from the bottom to the top so next went the Nicaragua sand,

and then the Gulfport sand.
Ahh the Nicaragua sand really breaks up the tan! Love all those layers.
And of course they all got labeled:
We are at the beach this weekend so I went ahead and labeled the spot for that sand since I had my label maker out.
I was really bummed about the first casualty, but I'm glad I went ahead and made a new one- even if the first layer is a mix. It adds to the story of our sand art right? Oh and I made sure to save the extra sand, just in case something happens to this one!

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