High Five for Friday!

Really can't believe it's Friday again... and I think this is my first High Five post this year!

1. My cousin Catherine came to visit this week from Rhode Island. It's been great having her here! Of course we've done the touristy thing with her including taking a day trip to Toccoa. I must say it was nice to visit but I'm glad to be gone. Hoping to make a trip to the outlets this weekend too!

2. We are feeling way more settled this week. I started hanging pictures on the wall and clearing out piles from corners. It feels so good to find a place for everything. 

3. Got to catch up with another dear friend this past Wednesday. We went to lunch and caught up with all life's events. It's nice to pick right up where we left off. 

4. Luke started back preschool this week. It was so nice to fall back into a routine (of course I miss the lazy days too). Of course he didn't have school Tuesday because of the weather, and on Thursday it took us 1.5 hours to get to preschool because of a horrendous accident on 75. It's typically a 25 minute drive and to say I was OVER TRAFFIC is a total understatement! 

5. Josh is still home. He hasn't worked since Christmas week and although I LOVE having him home, it's so weird because we both know how unnatural that is! We're still waiting on authorization for a MRI to confirm or deny if his hand/arm is broken. At this rate, since he's already in a cast, it'll be healed by the time he gets the MRI. Hoping the paperwork can work out so we can go back to normal life. 

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