High Five for Friday!

and I didn't blog all week... oh my. I have tons of posts in the hopper, so to say, but none that are complete. Kind of an illustration of my life right now.

1. I sold my first 2 items on ebay. And now I'm addicted. It's like a yard sale, but unlike a yard sale I can sit on the couch and it takes like 2 minutes to post. Fun!

2. Thursday morning I had to catch a bird in the house. I wish I was kidding. I hate birds. Little stinker came down the chimney. Birds totally creep me out and I was screaming, Emberly was screaming, and Luke was laughing. My heart was pounding, but the good news is little birdie was released from captivity back into the wild without incident. Dodged a bullet.

3. Our house inspection is tomorrow morning! Excited and nervous! We do know the old owners didn't open the fridge after they unplugged it so it's ruined with mildew. Not that I'm disappointed. I like new refrigerators.

4. Luke started preschool this week. It was only a 2 day week (he'll typically go 3 days) because of Fall Break. I'm pretty sure we never got 4 days off for Fall Break! He has already learned that we only dial 911 in an emergency and the different between upper and lower case letters. He's also sounding out initial sounds. SUPER impressed by his preschool.

5. Josh has worked 2 weeks but will only get paid for 1 right now. This government shutdown is ridiculous! I'm not worried about not getting paid as much as I'm worried about not having PROOF for our bank that we WILL get paid. It's hard enough to prove all the details they need, much less have to prove something that we can't get. Frustrating. Our lender doesn't think it'll be an issue and if it is we can always push closing back.

I will be back tomorrow to show what I got at the consignment sale last week! It was some pretty great things!

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