High Five for Monday!

Last week was an absolutely crazy week. It seems like each week is crazier than the next!

1. We found out Monday around 4pm that we had a deadline of Tuesday at 5pm to get our loan papers filed and our final offer on the house submitted. Tuesday morning I hadn't heard anything (we didn't even have a loan officer yet) so I called to check on things at 2pm. Unfortunately it hadn't even started the process. I was defeated and frustrated. Fortunately we have an amazing bank with some amazing people who pushed the loan to underwriting for preapproval by 6pm. What should have taken 3-5 days was pushed through in 3 hours. It was amazing. LOVE Navy Federal! Although we were an hour late with our offer, it was better than nothing and THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER (on Friday)!!

2. I worked at a local consignment sale. Sunday was drop off and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were filled with working to get it set up, the volunteer sale, and the public sale. It was a blast and because I worked 3 shifts and I worked the volunteer presale, I was able to get into the "pre-pre sale"! You can bet I had my list ready to go. I'll share my finds next week. Saturday was pickup. I feel like I made 100 trips there!

3. Mom and I went to a Ladies' Conference Saturday. It was refreshing to break away for a little while.

4. This stay at home mom thing is fun, and exhausting. It's weird to have to schedule my showers so I don't end up in my pajamas all day. The only way I've stayed sane this week is to get up 2 hours before the kids. I have time with Josh, time to eat breakfast, and time to enjoy my coffee.

5. Luke will start pre-school Tuesday. I'm nervous and excited for him! He says he misses his friends so I'll be so happy for him to make new ones and to challenge that little mind!

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