Consignment Finds

One of the goals I set for myself when we decided I would stay home was that I wanted to get involved in consignment sales. I always shopped the Habersham sale when we lived in Toccoa and I always wanted to work it to get the extra volunteer % but none of these sales are conducive to working mammas. 

I made up my mind to not only sell in a sale, but also volunteer in a sale. My first sale was actually the week we moved. It was in Braselton and I did okay, but I still had alot of clothes left over. I didn't volunteer and I made around $40 (which was still great to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary things), but it got me excited about more!

I googled consignment sales in Cobb County and many of them took place the last week of August (which was just a little too early since we were still settling in). The sale I found at the end of September were the perfect dates. So I went with it. It was at Cumberland Community Church. I worked 3 shifts and got to shop the presale. It was GREAT! HUGE selection, and amazingly there was still stuff leftover. I made $80 (not bad since alot of the clothes were just turned around from the last sale). 

The great thing? It was a MOPS sale so they had childcare provided while I worked. It was great to get out of the house, socialize with other people, and my kids got to play with other kids! Win win. 
I turned the money I made around to buy bigger clothes. Emberly is set for this winter and Luke is pretty much set. He needed pants (since EVERY pair he owns have holes in the right knee. RIGHT knee- not left). Bizarre. He was pretty set from the end of last season with 4T clothes. He hasn't grown much this past year. I did grab some 5T things that I thought were nice. 
I didn't even look in the baby clothes for Emberly. Like I said we are set for this year, and we have a good bit for next. When that happens I just buy whatever I think is cute in bigger sizes 2T+. If I do that each year eventually she'll have a complete wardrobe!
Isn't that ice cream cone costume adorbs? There were some REALLY nice clothes at this sale. I feel weird that I am buying them bigger clothes and we don't even have closets to fit them in. Everything literally was thrown into the washer, dried, and then packed in boxes. This is a crazy life we live!
I can pretty much say that I'm addicted to selling! It's super easy and fun to be able to recycle clothes and turn around and get new clothes that are in awesome condition!! And soon we'll have the big items (like the changing pad, crib sheets, furniture, large toys, etc). But it also means my babies are growing up!! Wahhhhhhhh! :(

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