High Five for Friday!

1. Emberly has started making the funniest sounds. She keeps her mouth shut and then talks. It's really hilarious.

2. Josh started his on the job training this week. He's no longer in a classroom learning but he's getting to see the hands on stuff. His shift was 2pm-10pm this week (which was actually kind of refreshing). I like that just about every month his shift changes. It keeps things fresh.

3. Luke finished another week of preschool! He loves it so much and he is learning everyday! I feel like it's much different than "daycare" preschool.

4. We got most of our house paperwork submitted. Now it's just a waiting game and we are still waiting on a paycheck. Our government has GOT to figure this mess out.

5. Emberly is still sleeping poorly. I finally broke down this week and pulled out her sleep positioner. I know it's a no-no for SIDS, but it's the only thing that keeps her from rolling over. If she rolls on her back she screams, and that was happening at least 10 times a night. Josh suggested velcro pjs with a velcro crib sheet... we'll try the sleep positioner first ;)

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